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Editing Features
Editing Features

Find useful articles to help you edit your videos with FlexClip.

About Cloud Space
How to adjust the background color?
Add branding/watermark
Adjust/Change Video Speed
How to align multiple elements?
How to add a new scene?
How to add a video layer (PiP)?
How to add video clips and images from stock media?
How to adjust the image's duration?
How to add an image layer (PiP)?
How to add music from stock media?
How to add an overlay?
How to add a logo?
Add local video/photo/audio files to my video project
How to add media files to the video project?
Add video filters
Add intro/outro
Color Grading
Add elements
How to add a background?
Add an animation effect to a photo
How to add a picture to the video?
Where can I find my files stored in Cloud Space?
Copy & Paste
Duplicate a video or image
Change ratio/size
Choose the size of the GIF
Can I add multiple music files/songs to one video project?
Can I set different volumes of the BGM on different clips?
Delete a scene
Change the text size in the overlay
Cloud Space limits
Crop picture in picture/layer
How to edit my voiceover?
Delete saved video projects
Edit logo
How can I change the shape of a video/image?
Edit picture in picture
Edit image branding
Edit/delete the transition effects
Edit picture layer
Edit text branding
Edit video layer
Elements with a lightning icon
Edit overlay
Edit Creative transition
Edit elements
Edit intro/outro
Export GIF
How to fade in and fade out music?
Can I favorite resources?
Font size requirement
How to flip a video/image?
Export video with stereo music
Can I change my name on the team?
Can other members use the files I uploaded?
How to adjust the text's position?
Can several members edit one video at the same time?
How many teams can I create?
How to check the updated information on FlexClip?
Does FlexClip offer a free trial?
Do I have to save my project manually?
How to delete text?
How to align texts?
How do I create a team in FlexClip
How do I remove a member from my team?
Are there any new features that will be added after I subscribe?
AI Text to Speech
How to request new features on FlexClip?
Link audio and scene
How do I add a member to my team?
As a member, how can I quit a team?
Can I change the editing page's language?
How to edit subtitles/captions?
Can I use new templates while editing a video?
Can I copy/duplicate my video project?
How to generate subtitles or captions?
How to make a video using a template?
How to make a video from scratch?
What is FlexClip for Teams?
How to edit the timeline?
Can I share my templates with others?
Can I upload multiple files at once?
Vertical video templates
Unsubscription influence - font
How to edit the duration of the transition?
Record screen with a microphone
Save templates
Can I add multiple files from Media?
Where to find my saved video projects?
Why do I need to relink missing files?
Can I adjust the shape's border color?
How to add a title/name to my video?
How to wrap text?
How to adjust text motion speed?
Can I adjust the frame border's color?
Which video ratio should I choose?
Choose the right resolution for your video
The max length per scene
The output format and quality
Can I upload files from my phone?
Can I adjust the width and height of a shape individually?
Replace music
Can I edit multiple scenes at once?
Keyboard shortcuts
How to adjust the volume of a video clip?
How to zoom images and video clips?
How to share videos on social media directly?
Delete multiple files in Media
How to create transparent texts?
Copy & paste scenes
How to brighten or darken a video?
Preview media files
How to edit my template?
Text Motion
Text formatting
Text Background Color
Supported audio format
Logo format [Overlays]
Supported video formats
Supported font formats
How to edit multiple elements’ duration at once?
Rotate images and video clips
Requirements about uploading fonts
Manage saved files in Cloud Space
Text size
Rearrange saved files in Cloud Space
Supported video, audio, image, font, subtitle, and LUT file formats
Text Style
Supported image format
How to adjust the speed of a video layer?
Manage text's duration
How to record my voiceover?
Mute a video clip
How to change the opacity of a video/image layer?
Resize texts in a logo sample
How to record a webcam?
How to trim a video clip?
How to create a new video project?
How to save local files to Cloud Space?
How to adjust the layers of a scene?
Shortcut keys to move elements
How to change the order of scenes?
How to split a video?
How to preview my video?
How to relink missing files?
Rotate element
How to record the screen?
Remove image background
Replace the template background/layer
How to edit text?
How to add transition effects?
How to add text to a video?
How to edit the audio track/background music (BGM)?
Can I delete other members’ resources in the team?
How to share my video via a link?
How to add files from other platforms?
How to export/download my video?
How to upload local music files to my video?
Giphy Text
The maximum length per video project
Can I preview my video on a full screen?
Can I detach audio from a video?
How to delete subtitles?
How to adjust the subtitle duration?
How to adjust the subtitle size and position?
How do I change the subtitle style?
How to adjust text spacing?
How to adjust subtitle spacing?
How to make a video with FlexClip?
How to make a stunning intro/outro?
How to make a film-style video?
How to change the template music?
AI Image Generator (Text to image)
Can I create folders to manage my video projects and templates?
AI Video Script
AI Text to Video
How to download subtitle files ( .SRT files)?
How to convert subtitles to speech?
Can I upload my subtitle files (.SRT files)?
Can I use files in Cloud Space to make videos?
Can I export the audio directly?
Can I adjust the motion and duration of multiple resources simultaneously?
Can I get texts from any other places for editing?
Pick colors using the Eyedropper tool
Can I get a frame of my video to make a thumbnail?
Reverse Video
How to align resources in the canvas quickly?
Freeze Frame
The minimum length of every scene
Green Screen for video/image background removal
How to use the curve speed tool?
Rich text
How to generate a video with an article or URL?
How to generate a video with text?
Add effects
How to adjust the duration of all scenes at once?
Translate Project Text/Subtitles
Translate Audio to Audio
Translate Audio to Text
Text Mask Supported Formats & Operating Guidelines
How to upload local fonts
How to edit videos in detail
How to edit images in detail
How to zoom background
Anchor Text Box for the subtitle
Subtitle styles & animations
Can I copy scenes from one video project to another?
Adjust/Change Audio Speed
How to transfer a project between your private account and team account?
How do I quickly locate files used in a project in the Media section?
Upload LUT