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Translate Project Text/Subtitles
Translate Project Text/Subtitles
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First, find AI Translator in the Tools section, and choose Translate Project Text.

Or, click the Translate button in the Subtitles section.

Then, choose your target language, translation mode, and content.

  • Target language:

    Click and scroll down to view multiple language options. You can also search directly for the language you want.

  • Translation mode:

    For the first mode, the translated text will directly replace the original text in your current video project.

    For the second mode, FlexClip will automatically create a new copy of your current video project, including the translated text content.

  • Choose content:

    Click the arrow to enter a new panel and select some or all of the subtitles you want to translate.

    If there is other text content in your scenes, it can also be translated. Click the arrow to enter a new panel and select the scenes.

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