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How to edit subtitles/captions?
How to edit subtitles/captions?
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After adding subtitles/captions to your video project, you can re-edit them in detail.

1). Click subtitles in the canvas, and you can edit texts with many options, such as font, size, color, background color, alignment, opacity, etc. You can also choose a pre-made style to decorate subtitles.

2). Hover to the center of two subtitles on the left side, click the Merge button, and merge these two subtitles into one.

3). Click the + icon or + Add New Subtitle to add a new text box. Click the Deletion button to delete the subtitle you don’t need.

4). In the canvas, you can move the subtitle's position, rotate and delete it freely.

5). In the timeline, click the first subtitle, press the Shift key, click other subtitles, and select all subtitles. Then, you can move them anywhere on the track. You can also click the trash can icon or press the Backspace key to delete them all from the timeline/video project.

6). Shortcuts


Wrap a subtitle: Shift + Enter

Split a subtitle: Enter

Add a new subtitle: Enter (move the cursor at the end of the text, press Enter key)

Merge two subtitles: Backspace (move the cursor to the front of the second subtitle, press the Backspace key)

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