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Billing, Payment, and Subscription
Billing, Payment, and Subscription

The most detailed answer about payment and subscription.

How to confirm the payment?
The benefits of each plan
About the billing/receipt
Where do I find my invoice details?
Why did I fail to pay?
Do I pay full price when I upgrade my current plan to a higher plan?
Payment methods
Can I request a refund for my subscription?
Can I upgrade my current annual plan to a higher monthly plan?
Will my subscription automatically renew?
How to cancel my subscription/paid plan?
Is my payment information secure?
Can I change my subscription plan?
How will I be charged for adding new members to my team?
How to update my credit card details?
Receipts and Invoices
How to subscribe to a monthly plan?
What is the difference between free/paid team plans?
Why do I still have no access to the premium account after paying?
Do you offer a refund for the team plan?
How much will the Team Plan cost?
Annual plan VS monthly plan
I want to access the team's premium features as the only member of the team. How will I be charged for the team plan?
Can I cancel my Team subscription anytime?
How will I be charged if a new member wants to join my team after the team bill is settled?
I have paid for the personal plan, and can I transfer the paid premium benefits to my team workplace?
What is the difference between Team, Plus, and Business plans?
Why do I still have a free account after paying with PayPal?
Why does the pricing/payment page keep loading?
What's the conversion rule between AI Credits and AI tools?
What's the price of AI Credits?
How to view, manage, and purchase AI Credits?
Can AI Credits be transferred to other accounts?
Can I get a refund for the AI Credits Package I paid?
Can AI Credits be used to redeem future updated AI features?
Can I purchase AI Credits without a subscription plan?
How long are the AI Credits valid for?
What is FlexClip AI Credit?
Can I purchase more AI credits?
How to redeem my coupon code?
How to upgrade from the current plan?
How to redeem my AppSumo code(s)?
Indian Payments