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Why can't I pay with my India cards?
Why can't I pay with my India cards?
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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a directive (amended subsequently in December 2020 and March 2021) that introduces additional security measures for recurring payments on India issued cards. These measures include:

  • Banks need to register cardholders and create an e-mandate through a one-time process, using additional factor authentication (AFA) like 3D Secure (3DS).

  • Banks must alert cardholders at least 24 hours before charges take place and give them the ability to opt out of transactions.

  • Recurring transactions over 15,000 INR (or equivalent in other currencies) must go through AFA each time.

If you’re an India-based user or an international (non-IN) user, your business is impacted if you have customers who use India cards for:

  • Off-session payments

  • Subscriptions or Invoices where the collection_method is set to charge_automatically

In this situation, your payment won't go through directly here. Please contact us and let us know which plan (monthly/annually plus or business) you want to subscribe to, and then we'll send you a payment link alternatively.

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