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How to generate subtitles or captions?
How to generate subtitles or captions?
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Want to generate subtitles or captions for your video and make it more compelling and accessible? FlexClip can help you get it in minutes!

Follow the steps below and get started now!

1. Add videos to the timeline

Upload a video to the editing page, and you can drag it to the timeline or click the Add As Scene button to add it.

2. Add subtitles/captions

Click the Subtitle button on the sidebar, choose AI Auto Subtitle (to add subtitles automatically), Manual Subtitle (to add subtitles manually), or Upload Subtitle File.

1). AI Auto Subtitle (auto-caption)

This option requests you to sign in with an account first.

Click the AI Auto Subtitle button, select the language of your video, choose the content that needs to generate subtitles, and pick a favorite style. Then, click the Generate button.

Then, you can convert your subtitles to speech, translate your subtitles, or download the subtitles as a file and save it to your computer.

2). Manual Subtitle

Click the Manual Subtitle button, and then you can type words to make subtitles freely.

Type the words you need in the text box. You can click the + Add New Subtitle button to add more text boxes. Here, you can choose to convert your subtitle to speech or download the subtitle as a file and save it to your computer.

3). Upload Subtitle File

If you have a subtitle file ( srt, vtt, etc.), click the Upload Subtitle File button and upload your subtitle file from the computer to fit the video.

Then the subtitle will automatically be matched to different scenes.


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