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Why is there an audio watermark?
Why is there an audio watermark?
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When you play music tracks in our Audio library, you may hear a voice saying ''storyblocks'', which is the name of our music provider. Click the ''+'' button to add the music track to your video project instead of dragging, and then the voice will disappear.

Please delete the audio track from your Media section and re-add it in this way:

If that still doesn't work, you may have to clear the website caches following the steps below. To avoid data loss, please ensure that you have saved all your edits and have synced your uploaded files successfully first.

1). Open FlexClip in the updated Google Chrome, then press F12 and go to the ''Application'' panel.

2). Click ''Clear site data''.

3). Refresh the page and re-add the music track in the suggested way.

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