Adjust/Change Speed
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Normal Speed

Click the Speed button and click Normal Speed on the left side.

Here, you can drag the slider to change the video’s speed from 0.2x to 8x. Besides, you can enter the times of speed on the top box and enter the aimed duration of this video on the bottom box.

Whether you want to make a slow-motion video or a speed-up video, you can get it in seconds.

Curve Speed

Moreover, you can use the Curve Speed feature (0.1x to 8x) to get a flexible video!

Click the Speed button and choose Curve Speed.

Here, you can choose from pre-made samples or customize it from zero. Let's choose a sample as an example:

Click Montage, and you will find a chart below.

The horizontal axis means speed; the vertical axis means video length.

Drag the dot in the chart up/down to adjust the speed, and drag it to the left or right to adjust the speed up/speed down time point in the video.

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