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Why does my video get a copyright warning on Facebook or Instagram?

All stock audio and video resources on FlexClip are provided by a third party, and you can use them in your videos. Once you've exported a video that contains these stock files and subscribed to one of our subscription plans, you have the right to use the resulting video for commercial or non-commercial purposes and share it freely on social media rightly!

However, sometimes Facebook or Instagram may warn you about the copyright claim of the stock audio or footage. Here are three ways to solve the problem:

  1. Received a warning before posting the video

You might see this warning:

"Your video was not posted because it may contain music, audio, or video that belongs to someone else."

In this case, simply click on the Post Video button to post again.

  1. If your posted video has been muted

If you've posted the video and it's been muted, you might see this warning:

"Restore audio if you feel this is a mistake and you have the rights to use this content. Your video will be posted without any muted segments".

Click the Restore audio button. 

  1. If your video has been removed 

If your video has been removed by Facebook or Instagram because of a copyright claim, we recommend you dispute the claim directly through your social media account and provide a link to the original track from our provider's website – Storyblocks.com (you can search for the stock file name on their site).

If it doesn’t work, please get in touch with us through the contact page and let us know the following information, so we can contact our provider to help remove the claim:

  • Report number
  • Rights owner’s name
  • Email address provided by the reporting party
  • Description of the rights owner’s copyrighted work
  • Description of the removed content